URGENT ACTION: Demand the Release of Shaker Aamer

“I might die this time... people are dying here." 

Contact the Foreign Secretary and the Secretary of State in the Foreign Office to demand they get Shaker home.

William Hague -  private.office@fco.gsi.gov.uk or tweet @WilliamJHague 

Alistair Burt - burta@parliament.uk @AlistairBurtFCO
The hunger strike in Guantanamo has entered its third month, as conditions continue to deteriorate with more than 160 prisoners being brutally abused; their weight plummeting and health rapidly deteriorating, whilst being denied sufficient medical treatment.
In a recent call with his lawyer Clive Stafford Smith, Shaker described the horrific treatment he is forced to endure. He has lost more than 32lbs and has been denied water for 24 hours. This time, however, he fears he might not survive.
Nine prisoners have already died in Guantanamo. Act now before that toll rises. 
Sample email template below.


The Guardian report regarding Shaker Aamer, ("British hunger striker  complains of 'systematic torture' at Guantanamo", Guardian 15.4.2013) necessitates immediate action by your Government to force the US to release Shaker Aamer to the UK as a matter of extreme urgency. Shaker's brave and courageous decision to go on hunger strike in the face of brutal reprisals by the guards, may result in his death. His desperate plea for justice is all that he has left.  It is a matter of grave concern that the Government reiterates it is monitoring Shaker's condition and has requested his return, yet there has been no palpable change to his circumstances.

To date, over 108,000 people have already signed e-petition 33133 calling for urgent action by the Government to achieve the return of Shaker Aamer to the UK from indefinite detention without charge in Guantanamo. This disturbing report shows that there is no time to lose. Nine prisoners have already died in Guantanamo. You must act now before it is all too late.

Yours sincerely