SSAC Statement on Shaker Aamer's Release
This is a wonderful day, the news that Shaker is on his way back to the UK and to his family could not be bettered. The  Save Shaker Aamer Campaign is overjoyed at the thought that Shaker and his family will be reunited again and Shaker a free man. Our activists and supporters who have campaigned for so many years will undoubtedly be celebrating throughout today in solidarity with Shaker and his family who have suffered so much. 
The decision taken by the US, finally to release Shaker back to the UK, confirms that everything we have said over the years is correct. Shaker should never have been incarcerated in Guantanamo. It is well known that he has been cruelly tortured, abused and beaten whilst in US hands. We have always said Shaker should be freed back to his family in the UK, nothing less is acceptable
Campaigners will remain vigilant and will want to see Shaker in the loving arms of his dear family, and the campaign remains full on to see Shaker a free man. We ask all our supporters to continue to write to PM Cameron, the UK Foreign Office and President Obama. Welcome this great news and  spell out the support, love and care that now needs to be given to him. All should respect Shaker and his family’s needs especially the  space and privacy they are certain require at this time. 
Shaker’s release from Guantanamo must mean an end to the terrible physical and mental torture that he has endured for over thirteen years. Guantanamo prison must now be closed and all remaining 112 prisoners must have access to justice and the reinstatement of their human rights.