Torture Inquiry: Sample Letter

Torture Inquiry Announcement: sample letter sent by a SSAC supporter - please do similar and send your letters to national and local media.


Dear Editor,

Your headline, "Tortured terror suspects to get official inquiry at last" (Guardian 6.7.2010) is misleading. It implies that "at last" the truth will be told of how and why the UK became complicit in the abduction, abuse and torture, transportation and rendition to years of detention without trial of its own British citizens and residents.

Your report actually indicates this is unlikely. It looks as if the inquiry will be a damage limitation exercise in which truth will be the first casualty.

An inquiry held in private on a limited remit would not restore the reputation of this country or draw a line under the past. Out-of-court settlements usually indicate a cover-up and culpability.They are also used to buy silence.

Yours sincerely,


Shaker still held in Guantanamo: British Government must intervene.

Please send on to your contacts, papers, re-work as an email to William Hague


Dear Editor,

The acquittal of former British Army officer Bill Shaw is welcome news.(Your report 3July).

He described his nine weeks of "living hell" in an Afghan prison as" the lowest part of his life....- a picture of Guantanamo."

Could the British Goverment also intervene in the nearly nine years of detention of British Resident Shaker Aamer still held, without charge or trial, in horrific conditions inGuantanamo?

Hopefully, Bill Shaw will be soon re-united with his family in Leeds.

Spare a thought for the South London family of Shaker Aamer who still wait for the end of their ordeal.

Yours sincerely,